Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Good morning all, 

Thank you for showing me your wonderful work yesterday, it looks like you’re having fun creating it, which is great!

Today in English, I would like you to create a plan for your opening paragraphs. These early paragraphs in your story, capture the setting and the character mainly, so it helps to have thought about how you would describe the two. I would like you to write down everything that you can think of, that would describe the setting (where the story is based). And then do the same for your character. Here is an example of mine:

In maths, today I would like you to complete the challenge, that will allow you to gather the information you need to complete the table that you created yesterday. You will need to lay out the fifteen items that you gathered on Monday, and cover them with a cloth/ towel. Then, individually call your family members in to the room. They need to complete the challenge separately, so that they don’t have extra time looking at the objects. You will need a timer for the next part. Show the items to each member of your family for 10 seconds, and then cover them up again, then ask them to name the items that they can remember. Next, add up a total and record it in the 10 second box, next to their name. Then show them the items for another 10 seconds (20 seconds in total), and record how many they remembered after this time, and then complete the same for another 10 seconds (30 seconds in total). Complete this challenge for each person in your home. I have included my example below:

In art, today I would like you to have another go at drawing your animal, but after receiving even more feedback from an adult at home. Like you did yesterday, I would like you to ask them to compare your drawing with the original picture, and ask them if they can give you some very clear, specific advice or how you could improve this. Then draw your animal again, after taking on board their advice, and compare all three pictures. Is your drawing improving, like Austin’s?


Mrs Taylor