It’s Friday. Yipee!

Let’s start with maths. Odd and Even – NumberBlocks Odd and Even -Number Square
This one is always popular. Once you have found the number ask,” Is it odd or even?”


If you have lego you could sort a pile of blocks that are the same and build odd and even numberblock type shapes and compare them.
Write a pile of numbers onto squares of paper and sort into two piles


Number Slap
Set all your number cards on the table. Get a stopwatch. Get a grown up to time how long it takes for you to hit all the even numbers. Muddle them up and repeat. Compare your timings.
Now try with odd numbers.
If the weather is nice you could write the numbers in chalk and hit them with a water pistol or a wet sponge!
or if you have ping-pong balls or ballpool balls you can write the numbers on and draw them out of a bag and shout odd or even.

Remember Sumdog is set up for you too.
That’s Maths Magic.



Often it can be tricky to write a text which suits the phonics the children have been taught. Here is a short suggestion which could be used for reading,writing or drawing alongside planting or just at the table.

Plant a Seed
1. Get a pot.
2. Get a seed.
3. Fill the pot with soil.
4. Pop in the seed.
5. Cover it with soil.
6. Add water.
7. Add soil.

You can draw some little pictures with each sentence to form a short story map.


And finally,here are two reading books to keep you going:

Happy Weekend To You All