THursday 30th April

Good morning Adventurers! We hope you are all ok. Don’t forget to send us your videos/photographs/messages for our hello video – it will be lovely to see you all your smiling faces! We have planned the following activities for you – we hope you enjoy doing them! 


Are you ready to plan your story?
Today we are going to use a storyboard to draw and write the main events of our stories.
Think about the opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending. All the stages for a super story!
I’ve loved seeing all your superhero work so far, well done!?
Good luck with your storyboards and enjoy your day. 


Today Adventurers, I thought we would have a go at some word problems involving addition and subtraction. There are some questions if you head on over to tapestry. 

Read the questions carefully and decide which operation you need to and then write the number sentence and the answers.

There is a sheet for the year 2 pupils and one for the year 3 pupils.


It’s that time of the week again – French Thursday! Last week I asked you to design a rainbow and label the colours in French.

This week, we will continue working on colours. I have added a sheet that will help you to identify the colours and support your pronunciation when saying the out loud. There is then a sheet with some colour names that have been jumbled up – can you figure out what each colour is? Don’t worry about printing the sheet off – you can just write the answers down on a piece of paper.


As always, there is more information on Tapestry and if you are doing your own work, that is great too. 

We hope you have a lovely day. 

Mrs Roe and Mrs Burton