It’s Friday and I Need Your Help!

This one was very popular with addition so try it now with subtraction.
Can you mark,correct and finish my calculations please?
Can you show me why some of these are not correct?
Remember to practice your number formation and maybe do a bit of estimating. Don’t get rusty now!

Take a look ar this maths link for some simple games. Try Two digit number labelling for a bit of a challenge and Subtraction to support subtraction!
Happy Counting

I have tried and I have tried but I really cannot get it right. I wanted to build a great catapult to help my Lego friends but it just didnt work.
Perhaps you can help.
Can you build a catapult to fire a lego person up into the tree to do the rescue?
Show me how!
Happy Learning

Stuck is one of my all time favourite stories.
I have started the story map but I need you to finish it for me.
There are too many things stuck in the tree and I simply cannot manage to remember them all!
If you would like to you could draw a story map to help you to retell the story or you could watch my story video with the volume down and retell the story as it goes along.
Have a wonderful day.