Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning Leaders.

Friday again already – I just don’t know where the week disappears. The weather forecast says we are going back to some warmer weather, so we’ll think about taking learning outside in the sunshine next week. Have a fantastic weekend spending time with your families – stay safe.


Today is the time to put your poem together. Using your ideas from yesterday see how many verses you can put together.

Remember it doesn’t necessarily have to rhyme or have a rhythm but, if you choose to, see if you can follow a pattern.

I can’t wait to read your completed poems.



I thought I’d do some baking, but I need help with the ingredients. Using the given fractions of the items, write the list of how much of the ingredients I will need for my recipe.

1/5 of the eggs

3/10 of the flour

1/4 of the sugar

2/25 of the cocoa

3/8 of the chocolate

1/16 of the margarine

Once you have the ingredients, I have decided to make cakes for all me neighbours and will need to make 3 times the recipe – write a new list to tell me how much of each item I will need.

I Have a Dream – Art

To end our week on dreams, I’d like you to be creative and make a poster based around ‘I have a dream …’, displaying one of your dreams for the future.

Posters should be bold and eye-catching, so think about this in your design.