Friday 15th May 2020

Happy Friday Discoverers, 

I hope you’ve had a fun week, and are ready for the weekend. Do you have anything planned?

Today in English, we are going to focus on performance. I know that you have worked very hard creating your poems, and sometimes, only the author knows how they should be read. It would be great if today you could perform your poem to your household. Why don’t you go to the place that you were inspired? Or read it before bedtime tonight? You could even set up a stage in your home, and gather your audience. 

Wherever you perform, it would be brilliant if you could focus on the rhythm of the poem, and think about your tone as you read. Some parts of the poem you may want to speak low, and others may be more high. You might want to slow down at points, or speed up even. Lastly, think about if you would like to add any actions within your performance. Take a look at Michael Rosen when he performs: he uses his hands and mouth mainly, and captures your attention. 

Enjoy your time to shine, you’ve earned it!

In maths yesterday, you were finding fractions of amounts. These were called unit fractions, because the numerator (number on the top of the fraction) was always one. 

Today, I am setting you a challenge to find non-unit fractions. This is where the numerator is more than one. 

Just like yesterday, I have given you an example of how to do the working out, and I have given you the answer for the first question. There is an additional step within the working out, compared to yesterday. 

Look carefully at the different steps and take your time. I know you can do it 😀

Who’s up for the challenge?

You have worked very hard in science this week, and have created different food chains, as well as learning new vocabulary. 

Today, I have found a fantastic game for you online. You need to firstly identify all living things, and then arrange them in to a food chain, and finally, arrange them within a key (we looked at keys in class, using liquorice all sorts).

Have fun with this game and see how many answers you can answer correctly. 

Have a fabulous weekend, 

Mrs Taylor