Good Morning Adventurers – Happy Friday!

First I’d just like to share my exciting news with you. On my walk last night I saw a slow worm slithering across the path. It was grey/brown in colour and a lot bigger than a worm. Seeing the slow worm has given me an idea for one of today’s activities…..

Today’s tasks, if you wish to try them include: (More information on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Qq’

English – Join in with me to read two poems; ‘Don’t Cry, Caterpillar’ by Grace Nichols and ‘The Tadpole’ by Elizabeth Gould.

Then today we are going to finish our poem ‘Under the Love Umbrella’ by adding all the lovely things we do that brings us comfort and joy. I can’t wait to hear your finished poems!

Maths – key skills for Year 2 and Year 3. Then in fractions let’s explore what a tenth is and then shade in fractions of different shapes.

Good luck with the problem solving question today!

Science – Build a wormery (Not a slow wormery!)

I hope you enjoy these activities and have a lovely day.

Mrs Roe