The Sun Has Got His Hat On – Friday 15th May

Good morning everyone, 

I hope you are all well. The sun has got his hat on today and it’s Friday! Hurray!

today’s suggested activities on Tapestry today are;-

In Maths, we are testing our fractions skills. Can we work out a half of a number and a quarter of a number? Plates to the ready!

In English, you did so well with your acrostic colour poems, lets have some fun today and write one using our names – see Mrs Brown’s as an example!

In Art today, we will create our very own colour/feelings board. We can keep it safe and talk to our family about how we feel using colour. I really enjoyed making mine!

I have declared today Read-a-Book Friday. So grab a book (or go on Oxford Owl) sit in the sun and enjoy reading your book! 

Keep sending me you messages and videos of what you are doing!

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will keep shining!

Keep smiling and maybe hug each other today too!

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown