Here are your learning suggestions for Friday the 12th of June,Pioneer.Search for the Light.

I have shared this before but as we are looking at the moon and light and dark,it seemed like a good idea to share it again.
Happy Reading.

Count in 2s
I shared this earlier in the week but here it is again to support this worksheet.

If you have a printer then you could print it out otherwise you can just talk about it together.

Happy Maths
Have a lovely Friday.

This lovely little clip has some complicated vocabulary but it is very clear.

The moon is lit up by the sun.

The sun is the light source.

Take a walk around your house and look for sources of light.

Take some photographs and have a play on Piccollage to make a poster of light sources or try out a video and chat.

Happy Hunting

PhonicsPlay is a great website with a collection of games for your Pioneer.

Pop over to Tapestry to find suggestions for where to go and what to do .

Have a wonderful weekend,Happy People.