Friday 12th June 2020

Hi there Discoverers, 

I have been happy to hear and see all of the lovely activities that have been keeping you busy during the rainy weather. As well as school work, you continue to find creative ways to entertain yourself, well done!

In English today, we are going to be focusing on the weather. Within our new story: Rain Before Rainbows, you might remember that the weather is a key theme running through the book. 

Today, I would like you to think of all the different types of weather, and write them in their own bubble on a piece of paper. Then, coming off of the weathers, it would be great if you could write down all of the different words that describe the particular weather. For example: Rainy – wet, damp, dull, miserable etc. 

Try to think of adjectives, which describe what the weather looks, feels and sounds like: it may even be appropriate to link some smells to it too. 


Here is my answer for yesterday’s maths questions. How many amounts did you find?

Today, I would like you to try and work out which items belong to which children. You may need to add some different amounts of money together to help you. 

Then, you will look to see which items you are able to buy within a particular limit of money. Try to find lots of combinations of items for your money. 


Yesterday, in science, we focused on the dangers of deforestation, and we looked at why we should try to stop this. Today, we are going to focus on how to protect other plants and nature. 

Watch this video, which provides lots of useful things that we can do to help:

Then, it would be great if you could create a poster, advertising the wonderful things that humans can do, to help protect plants and nature. 

You could draw your poster, or write catchy headlines, or a mixture of both. 


Have fun,


Mrs Taylor