Friday 12th June 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I can’t believe that it is Friday again already!! Let’s hope that we see the sun over the weekend – a little bit of brightness always makes us feel better. If you’re like me, the grey weather can sometimes make you feel a bit gloomy and a bit of sunshine ☀️ makes us feel so much better – exactly like the rainbow? after the rain. ☔️

Keep your eyes out for those things that bring happiness this weekend.

Rain Before Rainbows – English

When you have listened to the story you will realise there are some rhymes along the way which help to give the story rhythm.

Today, I’d like you to go back to you list of ‘befores’ and see if you can add some additional lines to go with them.

Examples from the story are; Clouds before sun… The old day is done.

Lightning will flash… tall waves will crash.

Money – Maths

Today, you are going to think about saving money. Answer the questions to make your way through this exciting quest and save the kingdom. At the end, you will discover your money personality type. Are you a reckless spender or a savvy saver?

Rain Before Rainbows – Science

Today, we are going to investigate more about wind. In 1805, a British Naval officer called Francis Beaufort introduced a scale from 0 -12 for measuring the speed of the wind at sea. I’d like you to find out about this scale and make yourself a table to record it.

Then, you might also like to make yourself a windsock, which will help you read the direction and strength of the wind.

Here is a simple design you could follow; or you might like to design your own.