Hello Monday – 27th April

Good morning Learners and families.

I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend!

Today’s home learning suggestions are as follows ;- (more details are on Tapestry)

In maths, we are counting today. How high can you count? Can you count backwards too? Mrs Brown is going to count how many dandelions she sees on her daily walk today. What can you count?

In English, we are going to retell our favourite stories to someone in our house. How much detail can you remember? Is it in the right order? Does it make sense? Use language like first, then, after that to help you.

In Phonics we will be looking at consonant clusters (our favourite). The words are on dandelions today, what could be better!

Science – plants – A dandelion theme today. Follow the link on Tapestry and read the facts to find out more. How many different flowers and plants can you spot on your walk today? Can you name them? Can you draw them?

Check out Sumdog for some new challenges that have been set today.

This week we will vote on our favourite story – just like we do in class. We may not be in the classroom but we can still do our favourite things. Tune in on Tapestry tonight at 6pm for story number 1.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a video ‘hello’ message, it was lovely to see everyone’s smiling faces.

Keep your pictures coming in and keep in touch.

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown