Adventurers activities – Monday 27th April

Good morning Adventurers. It is Monday! We hope you have had a lovely weekend relaxing and playing in the sun. 

Today’s activities are as follows if you wish to have a go at them.


This week in English I would you like to make your own super hero. Give them a name, decide what you would like their powers to be and how they use them to make the world a better place.
Later this week you can write a story, featuring your super hero, in the style of a comic. ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️
Today your task is to make your super hero, give them a name and design a logo to recognise them by.
My super hero is called Silver Moon Shadow and I’ve made her by adding features to a simple paper aeroplane design.
The logo is a silhouette of an owl flying in front of the moon.

I look forward to seeing your super heroes. You can even get them to fly!
Mrs Roe



Today for your maths activity, I would like you to do some target addition.
I have drawn some 2 digit numbers on my wall outside with chalk or you could write some on paper and stick them up (you can extend this by adding some 3-digit number in).
I would then like you to either throw a ball to hit the targets or use a nerf gun if you have one.
Once you have hit 2 targets, try to add the numbers together mentally or estimate the answer then use a written method to check these answers.
Hope you have fun doing this!



Last week, I asked you to make some observations about human and physical features around your house.
Today, I would like you to learn about the 7 continents and 5 oceans.
I have attached a map of the world to help you with this and a video of my little girl Emily, singing the continents song – this has really helped her to learn them so I hope it helps you too!

Then can you use what you have found out/do a bit of research to answer these questions?
Where is the Artic and Antarctica located on Earth?
Which is the largest ocean?
Which is the biggest continent?
Which continents does the equator run through?
Which continent is Great Britain in?

You could then choose a continent to do some research about if you wish ?


There is more information about each of these activities and a little key skills activity over on tapestry.


We hope you have a lovey day and looking forward to seeing what you have done. 

Mrs Roe and Mrs Burton