Monday 27th April 2020

Hello Monday!

Yet another lovely weekend. I hope you all spent lots of time outside in the sunshine with your families. We are going to carry on with our theme of doors in English; by the end of the week we will have written a story.


Today, read the extract from the Snow-Walker’s Son. Catherine Fisher uses the pattern of three actions in a sentence to advance the action and inject a sense of pace into her writing. This helps to balance description, action and dialogue. e.g.

  • The keeper hung his lantern on a nail, took the key from a dirty string around his neck, and fitted it into the keyhole.
  • With both hands he turned the key, then tugged out the red chain in a shower of rust and pushed the door.  
  • He stepped well back, handed the stranger the lantern, and jerked his head.  

Can you come up with three of your own sentences using this skill?


This week we are going to be looking at the four operations. Today we will start with addition – decimals. Remember to make sure that your numbers are in the right place value columns before you start to add them.

R.E. Islam

As we have been looking at Islam, I would like you to investigate Ramadan. You can find lots of information if you follow the link.

Why is Ramadan going to be celebrated differently this year? How are Muslims going to follow this festival?