Monday 27th April 2020

Happy Monday Discoverers, 
I hope that you had a lovely weekend, in the beautiful sunshine.
In English this week, we are continuing to write our ‘Adrfit’ story. You previously wrote your second paragraph, which focused on describing your character. Now, you are going to move on to writing the third paragraph. This paragraph is where you begin to introduce the problem to the reader. My paragraph touches upon Jane being lonely, and wanting a companion. It comes before the paragraph where we give the character, and the reader hope, that the eagle is visiting with good news. 
This week in maths, we are going to focus on the four main operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I have created eight questions for you, each of which require you to use formal written methods. I have wrote the questions in the format of the written methods, so if you simply copy them into your maths books, you should be able to work them out as they are. This is similar to what we do during our 10 in 10, at the beginning of each maths session. I will upload the answers here tomorrow, when I give you your next set of questions. 
For our foundation subject this week, we are going to focus on Geography. I want us to think about the village that we live in, Sleights, and consider what we could bring to the village, to improve it. Today though, I want you to simply create a list of everything that Sleights already has. For example: a post office. I have included a picture of my list, but I know that you can think of other things to add to it. 
Have a great day,
Mrs Taylor