Dandelions and Doubles

Good Morning all you happy learners!

Today’s maths is looking at doubles.

Use dice,playing cards and dominoes to find doubles and work out some totals.

Look at my photographs pf dice. How quickly can you spot the doubles?

Don’t forget to do a bit of estimation and number formation first.

Do a Maths Magic warm up:
20 claps.
20 jumps.
20 star jumps.
Do some estimations
Write your numbers 1-9

Now you are ready to watch Numberblocks and have a chat about doubling.
Here is a link to the Numberblocks episode to suppport “Doubles”
Double means twice as many.

Take a pack of cards. Find the two cards with the same number on them.
2…find another…How many altogether?
4…find another…How many altogether?
You can record the number sentence:
2+2=4 or double 2=4 or 2×2=4
We have not introduced x-multiplication yet but if you fancy it then you can.

Get two dice.
Roll them.
Shout “Double” or ” No” depending upon whether you roll a double or not.
Find the total each time.
Increase the speed.


Go on a Plant Hunt

The-Great-Plant-Hunt-Identikit (1)

Use this guide to help you with the parts of common plants on your garden.
It is great and really user friendly.
Happy Hunting.

While you are out,try to find a dandelion. If you can,get a grown up to help you dig it out so you can see the roots.
Lay it out and put labels on it like my picture or you could just copy mine.


Use your sound mat to help with writing the words.

Read the poem together while you are looking at the dandelions.


Here is a link to a video of a book by the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar,Eric Carle.

I would have read this to the children in the classroom.

Lots of excellent science to discuss.


Have a lovely day together.