Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning Discoverers,
I know that you worked fantastically yesterday, so well done, and thank you
In English today, we are moving on to writing our fourth paragraph, where we will snatch away the hope from our character, and the reader! We are creating a roller coaster of emotions. In my paragraph I wrote about the eagle flying back to its home, and giving the impression that Jane would be alone forever. I know that some of you planned stories that were different to the original film, and to my version, so feel free to create a paragraph which captures your plan if you would prefer. Also, I am basing the amount of paragraphs we write, on my story, but if you find that you would like to write less or more than this, that it also fine to do. 
Check out the answers for yesterday’s maths questions, how did you get on? I could already see some fantastic answers from those of you who shared them with me, so thank you and well done! Here are today’s questions, I will upload the answers with tomorrow’s questions. Good luck! 
In Geography today, I would like you to think about Sleights, and what you think could be added to it, to make it a better place to live. Can you create a list of things that you would like to have in the village, with reasons why? I have created a short list of things. Feel free to use these ideas, or create your own. 
I am looking forward to seeing your work,
Have fun,
Mrs Taylor