Hello Learners – Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone,


I hope you are all ok. The sun is shining today!

Todays suggested learning on Tapestry today is as follows;-

In Maths, we will be finding a quarter of a number today. Using the same activity as Monday we will split the objects into 4 equal groups today!

In English, we will used the colour information we gathered yesterday to write a colour acrostic poem. There are easier and harder options to try! Don’t rush this is will take some thought!

In phonics today we will look at the split diagraph o-e, as in the words home, nose and cone.

Let’s do some PE today as the sun is shining! Let’s practise our throwing and catching skills! You can use a ball, an apple, a teddy or a rolled up pair of socks! There are some video clips to practise throwing techniques or just to play some fun games! Enjoy!

It is lovely to hear from you whether you are doing these activities or creating your own!

Please keep in touch! (keep smiling)

Best wishes, 

Mrs Brown