Can You Save Floyd,the Fireman and the Rhinocerous from the tree?

All the things are stuck in the tree and they need to get down.
We’ve tried a rocket.
We’ve tried a zip wire.
Now let’s try a parachute.
I have collected some materials to make a parachute. Which one will work best?
Try different material and different shapes and sizes. Can you save Floyd,the firemen,the rhinoceros and Mitch,his cat ?


Here is a little game to play with a number line,a dice and some magic beans.
We started with 6 beans. Roll the dice and give away the correct number of beans.
The winner is the person who gets rid of all of their beans.
You could just play or you could talk about each calculation.You could write down each subtraction !
That’s up to you and your Pioneer.
We just had fun and the counting just happens.

Here is the link to a Numberblocks episode about bigger numbers.
Its a good one.
And here is a number square game that you might like to play when it is quiet and it is snowing and hailing:

And a great song,

Happy Counting

That’s Maths Magic

Here is your new reading book.
Over the next few days I will add links to help you focus on ee and oo.
The most important thing is to enjoy reading together so get comfy and have a nice time.

Pop over to Tapestry to see the videos and more photographs to help you.

Happy Learning