Have a Magical Wednesday Pioneers


Take a look at the words on the list.
Read them through together.
Find “sp” on your sound mat.
Read the words from the “tr” list and the “dr” list.
Write them all on postits and sort them into piles.

Enjoy.Watch the videos and spell the words using the three sounds we have focussed on this week.
Can you add “dr”, “tr” or “sp”?

Count in 2s

For a bit of a change,here is a link to a worksheet for you to try.

Happy Counting

Here is another maths problem for you Pioneers,digging deeper into you magical maths thinking.
Look for the pattern.
I wonder…?
Tel me how you know.
Can you check?
Show a grown-up and tell them

“If I have 5 on under this finger,what is under my thumb?”

The grown ups will never know that you used maths.They will think you are a Mathemagician.
That’s Maths Magic!

How are you peeling?
If you haven’t already done so,take a look at my reading of How are you Peeling?
This ties in with the story on Monday called Rain Before Rainbows.
The fruit and vegetables all have feelings but naming those feelings can be tricky.
We have used this book in the classroom and it is always fun.
You could get carried away and make your own Food with moods!