Wednesday 10th June 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I have enjoyed reading all your things that come before each other. You have thought of some that I would not have. It’s fascinating how different people’s mind work and what appears on their lists.

We are going to be creative today, time to be brave and get those video skills used. It gets easier – honest!!

I can’t wait to see your forecasts. ? ☁️ ?

Rain Before Rainbows – English

Today, we are going to think about some of the other weather-related topics covered in the book.

I’d like you to listen to this piece of music – – and then make a list of all the things that you think the music is trying to portray.

You might want to listen more than once and list the things as you think they happen in the music. What techniques have the musicians used to make you think these things?

Money – Maths

If you think back to our online safety sessions with the PSCO you will remember that not everything that happens online is necessarily safe or within the law.

Today, you are going to help Liam and his family decide if they are being scammed.

Weather Forecasting.

After listening to ‘The Storn’, I’d like you to have a go at doing your own weather forecast to go alongside the piece of music.

You might want to make yourself a map and record yourself doing the forecast in front of it. Come on Leaders – be brave. ?