Happy Tuesday – 21st April

Good morning everyone!

The sun is shining today, what a bonus!

Todays activities are ;- (more information on Tapestry)

  • English – We are going to describe some characters today. Firstly, using Gabby from the ‘Bubbles’ video clip yesterday, then make up your own character for your story this week and describe them too! What do they look like? What sort of person are they? shy? noisy? adventurous? curios?
  • Phonics – todays sound is the ‘ea’ sound – see Tapestry for a fun sorting activity!
  • Maths – On your daily walk today, we are going to collect some information data! Choose four things you can look out for ie Flower colours red, pink, orange, yellow. How many of each can you see?
  • Music – Grab a pan and a wooden spoon – lets make a rhythm using different beats!

Please remember to read a little everyday! This is THE most important thing!

I did speak to some families yesterday (which was lovely). I will catch up with more families today!

Keep me posted with whatever you’re doing!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown