Happy Stuff for Pioneers-Thursday

Welcome to Thursday.

Have a wonderful day and play,play,play. Here are some suggestions for things to do today:


Ooops! Mrs Hann Got It Wrong

Take a look at the photographs. Each one has an error,a mistake. Maybe I counted without checking. Take a close look. Can you spot what is wrong?
Make up some sums with a grown up. Get them to check them. Can they spot any errors?
Get a grown up to make some for you too. Send some to your granny.Can she spot mistakes?
Send me your pictures and I will see if I can spot the mistakes.
Happy Counting
Remember to check


I have done a little video to support you with capitals and lower case letter formation. Today I have done s,e,and t.

All writing is good writing.

Story Time

I had a special request from Miley to read Supertato so the video is there for you all. If you have any requests for story time please,please,please let me know. I love reading stories for you all.



Here is the next exciting part of our story Jack and the Beanstalk. I love drawing story maps and telling stories.

Here is an idea…tell me what you think…Don’t do any writing….Tell the story
Get a grown up to watch while you use my storymap to tell the story.
How does that sound?
Or just watch our silliiness and enjoy the drama
Happy Stories Y’all