Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning Discoverers,

I have been so excited for you to write you stories in English, after hearing about and reading some of your plans. I love how you have put your own twist on the plot! Enough of the planning now though, we are ready to write. Today I would like you to write your first paragraph. The opening paragraph to your story includes lots of description about the setting: it’s where you want to draw the reader in, and capture their attention. I have included an example of my opening paragraph, but also a copy of the complete story. I would usually share the WAGOLL at the beginning of our new topic, so I wanted to do this today to give you an idea of what your story could look like. 

In maths today, I would like you to analyse the data from your completed table. Can you answer the following questions: Who in your family, has the best memory? Who has the worst memory? Are there any patterns linked with age and memory? Are there any patterns linked with gender and memory? My results showed that the older the person, the better their memory. In order to analyse your data, it may be useful to create a graph. I would like you to create a bar graph, to represent each person’s results at 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds, like I have shown you below:

Today will be the last day that you will create another drawing for your animal. I am so impressed with the perseverance you have shown in art this week. You have proved that you are able to take constructive advice, and use it to help you make progress, and that is exactly what I have seen so far. So for the last time, I would like you to once again, speak with a family member and ask them to give you some clear, and specific advice about how you can improve your animal drawing. Then, create you final drawing, making it the best yet. Afterwards, take a look at all four pictures, and be proud of the improvements you have made 😀 

Speak soon,

Mrs taylor