Good Morning Pioneers-Tuesday 2nd June

Every year the library run a reading challenge and this year is no different.
Click on the link to see what is on offer this year.
Time spent reading is never wasted.

Happy Reading

If you are finding reading on screen a bit difficult,I would like to suggest writing a few sentences of your own,using the phonics and tricky words.
Here is a quick outline of something which might be helpful.
This is linked to Mr Wolf’s Week.
Happy Reading


Take time to fill in your chart. Make symbols for each day. Write a sentence to say what you have done.
My sentence does say Mr Wolf. I am saving the sentences about me for tomorrow.
I have included a picture of the tricky words to help you out.


Mr Puffin joined me to look for patterns on the clock face.
He spotted pairs of numbers that go together to make 13.
Can you help him to spot some more?
Write out your number sentences.
Keep an eye open for more patterns.
Mr Puffin would love to hear how you are getting along.
That’s maths magic,Pioneers!

Here is a little fun activity .
Do you know which day of the week you were born on Pioneers?
Put your details in and take a look.

You could do it for all the family, This will get your Pioneer talking about day and date,months and years.
It’s all Maths Magic