A New Week – Monday 22nd June

Good morning everyone!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

We have had all weathers this weekend…..sunshine, wind and rain, but the sun is here to stay this week!

Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows – more details on Tapestry.;-

In Maths we will be perfecting our counting – using a 100 square to help us!

In English, thinking about the line from our book ‘Mountains to climb , journeys to take’, we will transport ourselves to somewhere wonderful and a create a postcard to send to someone special!

In Phonics we will look at graphemes and count how many sounds a word has.

In Geography, still thinking about the line ‘Mountains to climb, journeys to take’, we will learn about some famous Mountain Ranges in the World.

Keep in touch with me on Tapestry as always and let me know what you are doing today!

Look out for tonight’s story at 6pm.

Keep smiling as always,

Mrs Brown