A Little Friend Came To Visit. Can You Help Him?

A little friend arrived on my kitchen table today and he whispered to me,” I am lost. Can you help me?”
I asked him to tell me about himself and he told me that his name was Mr Puffin. He was migrating and needed to stop for a little rest. He knew that all the children in Pioneer Class were very kind and looked after birds. Some sparrows,a pigeon and a seagull had told him that they often stop off at Sleights C of E School to pick up some snacks. His bird friends had eaten from our bird feeders.
Mr Puffin needs some help to get to his next destination.
Take a look on Google Earth and look for Shetland.
That is where Mr Puffin is going. They have lots of sand eels there and he likes to eat them.
He said,”Thank you Pioneers for being kind and leaving out food for birds. Every little act of kindness will cheer someones day. It doesn’t matter how small you are,you can make a difference.”Pop over to Tapestry to meet him.

Maps are wonderful.
Mr Puffin could use a map to work out where he is and where he is going.
Take a look at these maps.
Can you find Scotland,England,Ireland and Wales?
Can you find Whitby and North Yorkshire?
Mr Puffin wants to fly to Shetland. Shetland is a collection of islands way up north.
The map puts Shetland in a box because it is so far away. It is not really in a box!
Puffins spent part of their year there.
You could talk abut how far the puffin must travel and discuss kilometres.
Put the route into Google Maps and take a look at how to travel to the island of Unst where he lives.
Happy Learning


Now this one is really tricky and will need a bit of work.

Take a look at Geraldine Giraffe for support with sh.

Take your time and look at all the features of this nonfiction text.

Read together and enjoy.