Wonderful Wednesday! – 6th May

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well and happy!

Todays suggested learning on Tapestry is as follows:-

In Maths, we will continue with our times tables (you are doing so well with them). Today we will practise counting in 10s. 

In English, we will play a Game of Pass the Story. Check out Tapestry for more details – it’s lots of fun!

In Phonics today there are some sentences to read together. These sentences have lots of our phonics sounds in them, so I know you will be great at this!

In Geography today you will need your detective hat on! Will you be able to find out the answers to Mrs Brown’s questions about continents? hmm I wonder who will answer them all?

Mrs Grason has set a Blue Peter Badge challenge – how totally exciting- I wish I could do it! Read the information on Mr Grason’s email or on Tapestry to see what you need to do. Go for it! You can do it, I Know you can!

The sun is shining today, so make sure you enjoy some time in the fresh air with the sun on your faces.

Keep sending your messages in!

Keep happy and keep smiling,

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown