Welcome Back Pioneers. Are You Ready to Learn? Monday the 1st of June.

Well Pioneers,this really is Maths magic. I love patterns and this one is a real winner for me.

Take a look at a clock. Get a grown up to draw one for you like mine. You can do loads of maths using the numbers on the clock face. I have shown you one in pattern in my video. I will show you another one tomorrow.

Can you spot any by others with your grown ups?
Use the numbers to write number sentences.

Sumdog is set up for you this week with revision questions from all areas of counting.

That’s Maths Magic

There’s lots of ideas here to do with the days of the week.
Write out the days on postits.
Can you recognise and read each day?
Try this out:Today is……………..
Tomorrow will be …………….
Yesterday was ………………..
In two days time it will be……………………….
That might be tricky.
Use the words for handwriting. Your Pioneer will spot the use of capital letters and see the difference in size when used together with the lowercase.
The spelling is very tricky. If they want to try writing them by themselves then that is gret too.
Have a go at putting the days of the week in order

Here is a lnk to help you
Over the week we are going to build up to writitng our own “Days of the Week” sentences to turn into a little book in the same format as Mr Wolf’s Week.
Look out for a special Sleights C of E version in the next couple of days.
It’s a winner!

Listen and enjoy.
Here is our story to start the week.
The story talks about the days of the week, the weather and what Mr Wolf is wearing.
Your teachers are getting together to make their own version of this story and I think you could start your preparation to do the same.
Start by making a chart.
You will need : Day of the week,weather,clothes,what can we do

By the end of the week you will have all the stuff you need to write your own story.

Here is a silly reading book to work on some of the trickier sounds. As always go slowly,especially after the holidays. Take a look back at Geraldine and the sound sheet to remind your Pioneer of the sounds. Go through the words on the first page-these are the most challenging in the book.
First,enjoy the book together and build up to spotting the sounds and known words before reading the sentences.
Happy Reading