Wednesday is a Great Day For Learning about Mr Puffin

You will have seen Mr Puffin with me in lots of my recent videos. He is quite happy here in Whitby but it is not his usual home. He lives on a cliff edge and flies out to sea for his food. He doesn’t eat pizza like me.He eats sand eels. Here are a few links so you can take a look at his real home.
Puffins are the best.
Here you can see a chick emerging from an egg. This one is on the Farne Islands not so far from here.
This is where I like to go on holiday. You are more likely to see a black headed gull or a gannet or a great skua here.

Let me know if you spot anything.
Happy Learning


The weather has changed and Mr Wolf will need some different clothes.
Take this opportunity to discuss weather symbols and words for weather.
Stand outside under an umbrella.
I have written out 3 texts,one for each day. perhaps your Pioneer could read these.
try sating other sentences for each day. Try them out and almost learn them in your head before having a go at any writing.
Enjoy the rain.


Here is your maths suggestion for learning for today.
It is using the clock face and this time it is subtraction,take-away,minus.
I love it.
Spot the combinations and write the number sentences.
Make up some of your own.
That’s Maths Magic.