Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Hi there Discoverers,

Did you enjoy the sun yesterday? It is raining and cloudy for me this morning, as I am looking out of the window. 

Hopefully, these tasks will keep you busy 🙂

In English today, you are going to be creating a plan for your diary entry. You have written a list of activities that you may have got up to during a day at school, as a Victorian child; you have also written down emotions that you might have felt throughout these activities.

Today, you will focus on creating a timetable for your day. You need to imagine that you are a Victorian child, at school, and come up with a plan for what you did during the day. 

You could write a simple timetable of what you did throughout the day, in list format. Or you could create a timetable which gives a schedule, including times and lessons for each. 

Here is an example for you, but you only need to create a timetable for one day, as this is what you will focus on when you write your diary entry. 


In maths today, you will continue working with decimals, but I have a problem for you to solve. 

Take a look at Annie’s opinion, and see if you agree with her. 

In your answer, it would be great if you could write if you agree, or disagree, and include your reasons for this. 

Look carefully at the columns which the digits are in, and see if it matches her number. 

Today in science, you are going to be learning about the anatomy of a flower. 

On Monday, you labelled parts of a plant, but today you will be specifically focusing on the parts of the actual flower. 

I would like you to watch video 3. The anatomy of the flower, and then see if you can draw a picture of a flower, and label the different parts. 

There are many parts, which include some tricky vocabulary. So you might like to focus on trying to remember only a couple of the parts each day this week.

Have a brilliant day,

Mrs Taylor