Tuesday’s News – 2nd June

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well and happy today!

Today’s suggested learning on Tapestry is as follows:-

In Maths, we are still looking at 2D shapes – lets have some fun and make pictures just using shapes! I wonder what you will come up with!

In English, we will have a reading focus today! Why not sign up for the Virtual Summer Reading Challenge on the 5th June – it’s such an achievement to complete it at the end of the summer. Also, make sure you are keeping up with your fantastic reading – it is the most important thing!

In Phonics we will practise our sounds by saying and writing the sounds – why not use different colours to write them.

In Art today, Mrs Brown was inspired by some feathers she found – can you draw or paint a delicate feather?

Keep in touch with me as always on Tapestry and keep smiling 🙂

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown