Tuesday the 5th of May-Snail Race

I had so much fun in the garden with my new friends,the snails.

Here is my suggestion for learning today:

Have a look around your garden for some snails. I hope that you can find 2 or three. You may have to look in cool,dark places to find them.


Once you have found them,set up a race track.
Be very gentle with your snails.

Draw a start line. Make a label to say “Start”
Draw a finish line. Make a label to say “Finish”
Pioneers can write this.
Give your snails a name.
Get a timer on your phone or click on this link:


Shout “GO”

and your snails will romp off.

Who is the fastest?
Make a medal for the winner of the race.

You could try running the race on different surfaces.
Do the snails prefer grass or lunchbox to race on?

Return your snails to where you found them.
I have had so much fun watching my snails so I have included all my videos!
Happy Racing

Focus on 12

Yesterday’s Numberblocks and the Legs question was all about 12 and different ways to make 12.
My suggestion for today is to play around with the different ways to split 12.
I have got out an egg carton and some baking trays. You could draw circles and use counters or use paper plates. This will introduce ideas linked to sharing and to multiplication.
You could colour in squared paper or use lego.
Try setting 12 out in 3 lots of 4.4 lots of 3,6 lots of 2,2 lots of 6,12 lots of 1.
Look at the shapes that you can make-different rectangles
You could write number sentences for what you see.


How Many Legs?

Get out in the garden again and do some leg counting. 

This guide groups garden creatures by the number of legs they have.

You could make your own guide by drawing the creatures you find and writing how many legs they have.

Can you find them all?

Can you find 12 Legs?


Happy Learning