Monday 4th May 2020

Good Morning Leaders.

May the 4th be with you!  I hope you have all had a good weekend. For those of you who have made a rain gauge, it would be interesting to share results to see how the rainfall differs depending on where we live. If you haven’t made one and would like to, you can find the instructions both on Tapestry and the website.

I hope that you are all still practicing the things that you challenged yourself to – I have heard and seen some amazing results already. I am still persevering with the Ukulele when I get the chance.


In English this week, you have a choice. I would like you to either end up with your story in a comic strip or, if you have the facilities, to have a go making your story into an animation. For either option you can use your story setting from last week to help you.

Today’s task is to try and a flipbook. This will show you how small changes build up to make a picture of something changing or happening.


Multiplication Grids

Can you work out the numbers that need to go into the squares so that when you multiply the rows and columns you get the products shown? You can only use the numbers 1-9 and you can only use the numbers once.

The numbers in red show the difference between the sums of the products in the third row and the third column.

Can you make another grid that has a difference of 1? What is the biggest difference you can make? Is it possible for there to be a difference of zero? If not, can you explain why not?


I would like you to make a collage type poster all about yourself and the things you have been doing in lockdown. This can then be used to send to other children in the class, especially if you have not uploaded a ‘hello’ video.

Don’t worry if you cannot do this electronically, it can be made using paper and pens – the important thing is to collate the important information and present this in an easy to understand format.