Monday 4th May

Hello Learners and families!

I hope you all had a good weekend! The sun did manage to come out after all, which was a bonus! It is forecast to come back out after a little rain this morning!

Don’t forget today is Voting Day for us! Check in to Tapestry and vote for your favourite story read last week – its very easy!

Todays suggested learning is as follows;- (details on Tapestry)

In Maths, we are counting in 2s today! Use socks, pasta or whatever you have around to help you.

In English, we are completing our story. We have done all the preparation, now its time to complete it. Don’t worry if you didn’t start this last week, there is a lovely story clip for you to watch and talk about!

In Phonics we are looking at the oe sound – in words such as toe, woe and Mrs Roe!

Its Music Time – Yes Mrs Brown is indulging herself with sharing her love of musicals with you! Today, here’s a lovely song from The Sound of Music for you to listen to, sing along with and enjoy!

Remember, to keep smiling whatever it is you are doing. Keep sending pictures, videos and messages on Tapestry! I think you are all doing an amazing job! 

Look out for tonight’s Story at 6pm

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown