Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good Morning Leaders

Although not quite as sunny, at least it was dry yesterday, I hope you all managed to get outside for a walk again.

All the rain will make the plants grow but unfortunately, it will also make the weeds grow too so you might need to top up your knowledge on which are weeds and which are your seedlings.

We will all have grown very green fingers if our plants produce fruit and flowers. ??

Rain Before Rainbows – English

Many of you have taken part in the Eskdale Festival at some point and I would like us to imagine you are taking part in your own festival today.

Adding you list to the lines from yesterday, read your additional lines aloud.

Have a go at videoing yourself and watch it back – you might want to do this more than once to see I if you can make your expression or fluency better.

Upload your video if you would like to, I’d love to see you performing your new lines.

Money – Maths

Think about the difference between a need and a want.

Today, look at the notes and split them into the categories of need and want. Can you name anything where the distinction between a need and a want is not always clear?


Night Before Daybreak – Geography

I would like you to pick a time of the day and then record what time it is in different countries at the same time. Pick 9 other countries to put in your list.

Is there a pattern to the times in different countries? Follow the link to find out more about time zones.