Tuesday 22nd June 2020

Good Morning Leaders
A beautiful start to the week – let’s hope it continues.??
I hope you enjoyed looking closely at the illustrations of the book yesterday.  Today we are going to concentrate on the characters – remember to look at the finer details of each picture to give you clues. ?
Rain Before Rainbows – English
After investigating the colours of the pages yesterday, today we are going to investigate the characters.
Have a look through the pictures and see what you can find out about the character in the story.  Can you tell how she is feeling?  Does the character(s) change throughout the story?  Why does this happen?
Graphs – Maths
Today, we are going to look at bar chart.  Answer the questions using the graph.
Nocturnal Animals – Science
The little girl in ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ has a companion who is a fox.  Foxes are mainly a nocturnal animal although some can be seen during the day.
Today, I’d like you to firstly define what a nocturnal animal is and then find out as much as you can about foxes.  You can present this information any way you would like.  You might want to create a poster, top trump card, fact file or something completely different.
Once you have found the information- why do you think the author has chosen a fox to be a character with the little girl?