Another Day in Paradise,Pioneers – Tuesday the 22nd of June

Here is your new reading book.

Have a go at estimation  but this time use the number stick

This is pretty tricky.
Start by using 10 for the full stick and see what happens.
“If this is 10 then what is…?”


Here is a little challenge that is based on algebra.

You could make your own version using stickers,stampers or things.
There are so many questions to discuss here.
Happy Counting.


Here is a story for you:
Once upon a time,long.long ago,so I’m told, the world was black and white. After many years the Rainbow Fairies decided they didn’t like it that way and they hatched a plan to brighten things up.
Every time they saw a rainbow,the shook it,they rattled it and little by little all the tiny rainbow chips fell to the ground and covered the world in colour.
Today you can go out and see all of the rainbow chips everywhere you look.
Take a rainbow chip card and go out and search for all the colours of the rainbow in your garden and around your home.
Go on a journey. Look very carefully and match up the colours on the card.
If you have a paint colour chart,they are the best. Otherwise use my photographs or colour some squares with felt tip pens.
Happy Hunting.


Read the sentences with the -OW sound.
Can you spot all the OW words. Make a list.Have you included all of the words that are on the poster?
Take another look at the Phonics Poster Document shared yesterday.
Scroll to the end to find the -ure sound.
Talk about the words with that sound.
Watch Geraldine and Mr Thorne talk about the words.