Tuesday 16th June-New Learning for Pioneers- Woop! Woop!

All ’round the home and in the garden you may find repeated numbers that can be turned into number sentences.

The forks have 3 prongs : 3+3+3+3= 12
If your Pioneer is keen you could discuss 3×4=12
This is brand new.

The door has 4 panels
The fish have pairs of bones.

Write number sentences for the images and have a look around your home and set out some more


Happy Counting

My suggestion today is to revisit all the tricky words on the list and re-do the Spin the Wheel activity.
Gather together the family and maybe some toys and have a game of bingo.
If you do not want to print the bingo cards you could encourage your Pioneer to do the writing too!
Happy Phonics.

Here is my story map for How To Catch A Star.
Take a look.
Listen to the story again.
Try using my story map to help you retell the story.
Could you draw your own story map to go along with the book?

Glass – transparent (see through); hard

Examples – windows; TV screens

Wood – hard; strong

Examples – furniture

Metal – very hard; very strong

Examples – pans; cars

Plastic – can be bended and twisted into different shapes

Examples – drink bottles; school chairs

Fabric – soft; squashy; stretchy

Examples – clothes; cushions

Brick/rock – very strong; very hard

Examples – buildings; walls

Paper – bendy; light Examples – newspapers; books; posters

Cardboard – stronger than paper; not easily bended Examples – boxes



There is then a short online task to do to check on the learning.
The Pioneers could read the categories and write labels to post around the house.
Happy Sorting