15th June -Pioneers. Another Great Monday.

The story
This week follows on directly from last week and will have elements of learning about the moon and the stars and light and materials.
It may be best to listen to the story again- Rain Before Rainbows,to spot where in the story we are.
This story features a little boy who really loved stars and wanted one of his own.
It is beautiful.
Listen and enjoy.
Think and talk.


It’s been a while since we had a look at Numberblocks so here is a wonderful one for you to look at.

Next we are going to look at repeated addition.

This episode has lots of new vocabulary and will need a few watches and possibly setting out cubes if your Pioneer is up for it.

Exciting stuff

Like any stick, A Magic Maths Counting Stick is a wonderful thing.
It can take your counting skills to the next level.
To Infinity and beyond perhaps…
If you do nat have any tape you could paint your stick or blue tac and paper would work.
The key is to make equally sized divisions along the length of the stick.
After that, you can make it as beautiful as you like but keep the divisions visible because you will need these to help with that good old Maths Magic.
Each division can change what it represents. It can be 2,5,7 or 100.
Each day we will use the numberstick for different things.
If you want an onscreen version,here is a link:


Happy Counting Stick

First take a look at the Numberblocks Video and “How To Make A Counting Stick “
Look at each image of the counting stick and ask the talk about patterns,what comes next and what is missing.
All the helpful words and questions are on the bubble pictures.
That’s Maths Magic!

This wheel is the best.
It is so easy to use.
Spin the wheel,
Read the word.
If you have some counters and your word list you could cover the word over when you have read it.


Have fun
Make lots of wheels with lots of words and sounds.

Get a torch.
Look around your house.

Go on a hunt for things that let the light shine through-transparent.

Things that do not let the light shine through-opaque

And things that reflect the light back-reflective.

You can set them on the table in groups.
You could copy the words to add a labels to your groups

If you need any help,look back at Friday’s Seymour Science -Light
Happy Hunting