t’s Wednesday.It’s going to be a good one Pioneers!

This Learning suggestion is great because it is fun and gives lots of opportunities for maths chat.
You can use the words:full,empty ,half full and chat about fractions: a quarter and three quarters.
Ask: What happens if..? and Did you notice…?
You can also talk about higher and lower sounds. If you are interested there is also a free app you can download to show the sound and it names the sound. This might be really popular with some Pioneers.
And you can just have fun making music and playing in the water.
Happy Learning.


This suggestion for today is great for getting talking about maths and science.

What will happen when…

What did you notice

What changes could you see?

When I put the stones in then…

What happens if I add more stones?

How many more stones do I need to make it overflow?

Why does the water level change when I add the rocks?

What is happening when I take the rocks out?

This works best when you can find enough rocks to make it overflow.

I have written a text to go with this which include only sounds we have covered. Your Pioneer will not recognise “Pour”.

You could draw a set of pictures to show what happens when you add the stones or you could take photographs and add text later if you want to do some writing.

Happy Learning.

And here is a suggestion for handwriting.

Have a wonderful day together.

Get out and play!