Thursday the 26th of June – Pioneers,Here is your Learning Menu for Today.

Spin the wheel and make a word…or two.
Can you complete the words using the sounds on the wheel.

Make your wheel at

I have repeated the sounds to make it more exciting.
Happy Phonics Folks.

Here is a worksheet for you to try.


Yesterday’s suggestion was about what to pack for a journey.
Continuing on that theme,here is a suggestion for you:
Below are photographs of a selection of tools you might need on your journey.
What would you use them for?
Which one would be good for scooping peanut butter from a jar?
Which one would be good to lift up a wiggling worm?
Which one would you chose if you needed to help a baby bird back into its nest?
I’m not sure what they are all for. Could you tell me what you think and why?
Could you use any of them to dig a hole?
Would you be able to paint with any of them?
I’d love to hear what you think.