Thursday-Doubles,Alphabet Sorting and a Little Bit of Music

Here is a little game to play together with doubles.

All you need is pen and paper and two dice and a friend to play with.
Once you have played my maths game have a go at Hit the Button to build up speed.

Video on Tapestry
I have shared this but I am adding it again so you have it handy for this suggestion.
It really helps with matching letter names and capital letter.

I have written all the lowercase and capital letters on little squares of paper.
Start slowly,perhaps with 5 letters. Match the lowercase with the capital. Gradually add in more letter.
You could turn it into a game by taking turns-like a memory game.
Your Pioneer might need a copy of the alphabet to sort the letters into the correct order.
If you were feeling really ambitions,you could discuss vowels and consonants. We did this in school a while back and sang the vowels to a little tune (I won’t demonstrate!)
Look around the house and find vowels.
Have fun!


We really enjoyed this activity at home. We collected together some glasses and put in a bit of water. We discovered that we could make an orchestra and play a tune. I really hope that you like this one and that you will send me some videos.

Pop over to Tapestry to see the video.

Happy Music Making