Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning all,

It has been lovely speaking with many of you over the past few days. It has been nice to hear that you are enjoying the sunshine, and have been keeping busy with fun and exciting activities that your families have planned for you. 

The maths book that I sent home is definitely challenging, so my advice would be to attempt the questions that you are confident with, perhaps in section A, and then have a break with some fun maths activities online. Here is a website that I would recommend:

I also wanted to put some maths questions on this blog for you, I will publish the answers on here tomorrow so that you can check to see if you got them correct:

  1. Lucy visited the shop to buy some milk, bread and eggs. The bread cost £1.20 and the eggs cost £2.40. She paid with a £10 note and received £5 change. How much did the milk cost?
  2. Drew decided to mow the grass, but first he had to collect all of the balls that his dog had left out. For every 2 tennis balls, there were 3 footballs. If there were 6 tennis balls, how many footballs were there? 
  3. Lillie wanted to play Sumdog, and was aiming to be the world’s best player. The top score was 15,292, her score was 6, 397. How many more points did she need to be in the lead? Don’t forget, to be in the lead she needs to score more than 15,292 altogether. 

Good luck! 

Mrs Taylor








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