Good Morning Sunshine!!

Hello everyone, another lovely sunny day and a chance to spend some quality time in the garden or a safe outdoor space.

I’d like to start my post by posing a question I was asked on the school playground last week:

‘Why are worms different colours?’

Let’s investigate and carry out lots of observations of minibeasts in their habitats.

Perhaps you might create your own habitat for some woodlice.

If you want to spend some time indoors learning about minibeasts try the ‘Top Marks’ web page they have some super activities.


I also read a super post on shadow drawing which could be done indoors or out. Put a toy animal or other object in front of a white piece of paper and then draw round it on the paper.

These are only suggested activities so please pick and choose as you wish!

I hope you all have a fun day.

Best wishes

Mrs Roe