Thursday 21st May 2020

Good morning Discoverers,

I hope you slept well, after a beautiful, sunny day yesterday. 

Today in English, you are going to continue writing poetry, but this time you will be using a different poem to help you. The poem is called: Three Mice, by Charlotte Druitt Cole. 

This poem is a little longer than yesterdays’ but,  each pair of lines does end in rhyming words. 

You can choose to change only a few words of the poem, or you might like to rewrite it all. You could even change the animal within the poem, like I saw that some of you did yesterday. 

Enjoy getting creative.

Today in maths, you are going to be focusing on taking fractions away from whole numbers.

When you do this, you need to remember that the whole number, is simply the complete amount of parts that are available. For example: 1 – 1/3, the 1 represents 3/3 as this is equal to one whole. So you would simply complete 3/3 – 1/3 and your answer would be 2/3. 

Have a go, and use my examples to help. 


Today in French, you are going to be creating your poster, which displays the months July – December in French. 

Yesterday, you decided to either create a poster which would have space to include all twelve months, or create two separate posters, with six months on each. 

Remember to include a picture for each month, which can help you to quickly identify the month you have written.


Have a great day Discoverers, and I hope you manage to get outside and enjoy the sun before it hides for a few days,

Mrs Taylor