There’s a Hole in My Bucket. How Shall I Mend It? Thursday for Pioneers.

Here is a suggestion for today’s maths bringing together some measuring concepts.
Use the language of comparison to build up estimation and measuring and checking.


On Tapestry are two versions of the same song by two different sets of artists.
This is not one we have sung in school but I thought that it fitted in well with this weeks work on capacity.
The Muppets had more rehearsal time than we did. It was fun

While you listen look at the pictures I have drawn. You will be able to retell the story yourself.

Enjoy and look out for my video on testing materials!

In the song, they try to mend the bucket with straw. I’m not sure that would work.
It is always interesting to look at materials and their properties.
I had fun in the garden deciding if materials were absorbent or not.
What would you use to mend the hole in the bucket?
This link has some starting points to talk about materials
Have fun. We did!

Play! Play! Play! Play!