Stuck in the Tree. What Can You See? Pioneers Learning Suggestions for Tuesday

Lots of things are stuck in my tree just like in the story. Use your phonics to write a list of all the things you can see.
Watch Geraldine to help you with the -ck digraph.
Is there anything stuck in your tree? Id love to see.

Here is a link to Geraldine doing -ck at the end and in the middle of words.


Happy Writing.


Now after reading “Stuck”,I started to think about all the ways that Floyd could have got his kite out of the tree. A rocket was the first thing that came to mind.
I gathered together some stuff and got making. You can have lots of fun with different sized balloons.
Let me know how you get on!
It is fun.

Have a go at subtracting this week.
Set out things to take away and discuss what is left.
Look at a numberline while you do it.
Play my little Maths Magic Game.
Write number sentences using – and =.

Happy Learning