Pioneers Learning Suggestions for Wednesday the 17th of June

Here is a new reading book that you have never seen before.
Take your time and enjoy it together.
Happy Reading

This is an episode we have looked at before and will be a nice little warm up to get going.
Use your counting stick to count in tens.
Find the 10’s on a number sqare
What is 3 lots of 10?
How about 4 lots of 10?
how many lots of 10 are there in 100?

This wheel is the best.
It is so easy to use.
Spin the wheel,
Write a word. sound.
If you have the sounds written out on smal pieces of paper,you can take them away as you have done that

You can make your own spinning wheel with any combination of the sounds we have covered.

We have been learning about day and night. Some animals like to come out at night.

Take a look at this clip.

Can you draw all the nocturnal animals that are mentioned?
You can write “Nocturnal”
Can you talk about the features of the animals?

Why do bats have big ears?

Why do you think that owls have large eyes?