Monday the 29th of June 2020 -Have a Wonderful Windy Day

Walter was determined to make a wonderful web but it was hard work.
Listen to the book together and discuss the shapes he used.
Take a look outside. Can you spot some wonderful webs?
Take a look at the other links posted today to start building up your knowledge of shape.


Once you have listened to Walter’s Web have a look around the house to find some shapes. I suggest food tins,jars and packages and perhaps some building blocks.
Get some play dough or even mud in the garden.
Press the shape into the dough.
Ask your Pioneer:
Tell me about what you’ve made.
Can you see other blocks/packets that might make the same footprint?
Look at the block and the footprint it has made side by side. What’s the same and what’s different?

What will happen if we turn the shape over and make a new footprint?
How many different footprints do you think you can you make with this shape?
Which shapes might have made this footprint?

Draw around a block or packet. Look at the shape you have made.
Is it the same shape as the footprint?

If you dont have dough you could use paint or try out talc on black paper for a different kind of messy work.Enjoy

Here is our book for the week. This book is full of questions. To begin the week we are going to focus on the question about bees and flowers.
Hopefully your Pioneer will be curious and have lots of questions to pose.
Try using all of the question words to construct sentences

This is a wonderful book to begin our learning about bees.
Listen together.
Do you know what a miracle is?
Use the question words,”Who,what,where,when,why and how”
What does the bee collect?
Why does the flower smell nice?
Where does the bee take the pollen?
What is a bee’s special job?
Where do bees live and work?

Here is an annotated diagram of a bee.
Ask your Pioneer to draw or to paint the bee,looking closely at the structure of the body and naming the parts.
I hope that they enjoy learning the new vocabulary.
Thorax is one of my favourite words.